Friday, May 24, 2013

"How's Your Mom Doing?"

Being up at the lake, I can't help but to think of my Dad and all of the time that he spent up here. The memories of him are thick in the cabin, at the resort, and on the lake.

Maybe that's why I dreamt of him a couple of nights ago.  Since he died, I've had maybe five dreams about my Dad.  It is very rare, and, frankly, has left me pretty unfulfilled.

So when I saw him in my dream, I was excited.  I remember telling him how much I missed him and how often I thought of him.  He looked kind of disappointed, and ultimately spoke, "How's your Mom doing?"

And with that he turned and walked away, and in true dream fashion, went to an area where I could not reach or speak to him.   

I awoke with a vivid memory of the dream, and bothered that it was such a lousy interaction.  I wasn't sure why he said what he said, and was wondering if the Jack Daniel's the night before was just wreaking havoc with my subconscious.

But then as I was fishing I though more about it.  And I think the message Dad was trying to send was something along the lines of stop pining for a parent that is no longer here and enjoy the one you still have.

Another pretty good piece of advice from the old man.  He's still got it.

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