Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Concert Review and Setlist - New Orleans Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest has been an incredible two days of music, and expect a full report in a future post.  In the meantime, the highlight of the event was Fleetwood Mac's headliner performance at the end of the second Saturday session.

The band looked and sounded great.  Mick Fleetwood still had great energy and kept things moving, with help from his rhythm section mate John McVie.  Stevie Nicks, while unable to hit some of the high notes, still had that smoldering, sexy rasp, although she could have lost the old-lady sunglasses.  But the real thrill was Lindsay Buckingham, whose masterful guitar work delighted the massive crowd.  

Last August I was able to catch Lindsay in a one man show in Green Bay.  And yesterday, I was treated to more of the same - a virtuoso performance by an under-appreciated guitarist.  He was simply on fire.  

Here is the set list for their act:

Second Hand News
The Chain 
Sad Angel
Not that Funny
Sisters of the Moon
Big Love
Never Going Back Again
Without You 
Eyes of the World
Gold Dust Woman
I'm so Afraid
Stand Back
Go Your Own Way
World Turning
Don't Stop
Silver Springs
Say Goodbye

Some highlights:
  • The new songs off of the new EP sounded amazing.  I highly suggest checking them out if you have not already
  • Big Love was done solo acoustic by Lindsay, and just as he did last summer in Green Bay, he absolutely killed it
  • On Rhiannon Stevie avoided the high parts, but her reworked vocal styling made it a really enjoyable treatment.  We didn't miss a thing about the old version
  • I'm So Afraid was Lindsay at his finest, and brought the crowd to a boil in the extended guitar solo.  Outstanding
  • Don't Stop, while not a personal favorite, had the crowd dancing and singing.  A great way to wrap up
 In all of my decades of concerts, I had never seen Fleetwood Mac.  I feared seeing them at this point in their careers.  I could not have been more wrong.  As their recent EP and their latest performance have shown, they are still dynamic, relevant, creative, and gifted.  What a fantastic show.

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