Sunday, May 26, 2013

Next Update on Book Cover

It needs work (and I'll be forwarding my edits to Lulu when I return from vacation), but here's the latest pass on the book's dust cover:



  1. Mike, I just found your blog today and very interested in reading all of the stories about Blitz. I don't know if I ever met you personaly, but I am Randys son, Kyle, I worked a few Gamefairs in the mid 90s selling calls in the Herters booth. I think I may of had a sister to your dog Blitz, born a year earlier but from the same breeding. My dog passed away two weeks ago, and reading the few stories I have so far about your dog, I am pretty sure our dogs were alot alike. I look forward to reading more of the stories and hope to see a hard copy of the book at the book store soon. I have passed this link on to my dad so he too can read about one of the many dogs he sold over the years.

  2. Kyle, thanks so much for stopping by and posting up. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dog - it's never easy. I hope you had lots of memories with her. Please give your dad my greetings - he is a gentleman and a great guy.


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