Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benghazi Cover Up Beginning to Unravel. But How Far?

The mainstream American media is now, finally, asking some relevant questions about the massacre in Benghazi, and the accusations that the Obama administration left Americans to die, seemingly because it was politically expedient to do so.

Here's an exchange with CNN (yes, CNN.  Finally) and State Department Deputy Spokesman Patrick Ventrell:


Short of right leaning outlets, the media failed to cover this scandal in any kind of detail.  They blindly ran with the administration's talking points that the attack was due to a YouTube video, and there was nothing that could have been done to help the doomed embassy workers.  In fact, When Mitt Romney brought the subject up in the debate, moderator Candy Crowley lost all pretense of neutrality and actually offered up defense for the President.

Now that Obama has been dutifully reelected by the media, it appears that slowly but surely, the truth is coming to light.  And the truth in this case, based on the evidence presented by testimony of sworn witnesses, wistleblowers, and others, shows the following:

  • The administration knew this was an Al-Qada operation from just about the jump
  • For some reason, the administration chose to concoct the YouTube story, and told it dutifully to all who would listen
  • Assets were available to help the besieged embassy, but were told to "stand down," despite the administration's claim that there was nothing that could have been done
  • After being informed of the situation, Obama failed to convene any kind of response or mobilize any action.  He went to bed. 
Where this will all shake out will depend on if mainstream media like CNN continue to do their jobs, or if they continue to sweep the story under the rug for the administration.  Given how this story will impact Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects, I expect the latter.

The media got one candidate elected (and reelected) by carrying that candidate's water.  Hillary is another media favorite.  

Expect none of this to hit the mainstream.  

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