Sunday, November 11, 2012

Three Reasons Why Petraeus' Affair Matters

Some are wondering why the affair of CIA Director David Petraeus is a big deal.  After all, people have affairs all the time.  This is a "personal" matter.  

They couldn't be more wrong.  For the following three reasons:

  • As our country's head spook, Petraeus knew that such activity could compromise him as a blackmail target.  Such a view is part and parcel for life in the CIA, and any of his agents would face the same consequences if it was found that they did the same thing.  
  • Likewise, it shows a massive lack of character.  Petraeus was touted as a man's man, and ultimately showed himself to be a sniveling coward.  If your marriage isn't working and you want greener pastures, be a man, divorce your wife, and go for it.  Instead, he took the coward's way out.  I have very little respect for that kind of behavior.  
  • Final point.  If you cheat on your marriage, you have proven that you have the capacity to cheat on anything.  Period.  Not exactly the kind of resume bullet one wants for a career as our chief spy.  
Granted, I don't know all the circumstances of the Petraeus' marriage - his wife may have been very aware of the general's behavior and condoned it.  If so, I owe him an apology.  However, and regardless, as one chartered with protecting us who was so cavalier in putting himself, and his country at risk, he owes us one. 

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  1. My guess is that Petraeus committed some level of crime by not disclosing this relationship on his background study when he was confirmed the director, Central Intelligence.


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