Monday, November 5, 2012

Football Weekend

After last weekend's extended hunting with my southern kin, I took off hunting this weekend to try and get my life back in order.  I got a ton of work done - over 7 hours on Saturday, and another 3 on Sunday - which went a long way to getting me caught up.

But beyond work, there was football.  It started with the Irish paying Pitt in a triple-overtime gut-wrench.   Notre Dame was not prepared to play, made multiple mistakes, and deserved to lose.    In fact, four different times I got off the couch saying,  "It's over," only to be called back to the TV for yet another chance for the Golden Domers to hold on.  It was quite a ride, but the sloppy win cost the Irish one position in their overall ranking.

After that, LSU and Alabama faced off in an excellent game.  I felt LSU did not have as good of a team this year as they have in previous years, and they gave the Crimson Tide all they could handle and then some on Saturday night.  The Tigers are very good this year, and worthy of their ranking.

Who knows, maybe we're looking at a LSU / Notre Dame bowl game.  Cousins, you ready for a road trip?

On Sunday we had tickets to the work suite at Lambeau.  There was a really nice tribute the the military as part of the National Anthem:

This season Lambeau added a Party Deck - akin to the Budweiser Party Deck at Target Field, but not as nice.  The deck can only be accessed by suite and club patrons, and it offered a pretty unique view of the field:

 Here's my lovely wife who watched all of this football with me this weekend:

We left the Packer game early to meet up with our Vikings Fan Club in Green Bay.  Unfortunately, the Purple played poorly.  Despite a monster game by Adrian Peterson, really poor quarterback play killed them again.  It is looking more and more like Ponder is not an NFL quarterback - he lacks field vision and the ability to extend the ball down the field.  While I hate to rebuild AGAIN, it looks to me like we clearly need to do something different at QB.  And, no, Joe Webb is not the answer.

We ended the day, departing from the bar in which we watch the Vikings game, to the smug comments of some sloppy-drunk Packers fans.  Normally, their comments would have elicited a response from me, but by this time it was 6:00PM, and given the Pack had a noon kick off and that these clowns were likely tailgating for three hours prior, it made no sense.  I'm old enough to know not to argue, or fight, with idiots on a nine hour drunk.

I am SO waiting for December 2...

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