Friday, November 2, 2012

Bruno Mars on SNL

I'm not a big Bruno Mars fan.  While I admire his talent, his genre tends to run too much in the pop category for my taste.  However, last week he served the dual role as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and my impression of him changed.

Attached is a video of one of his musical performances:

A couple things of note:

  • Real horns.  Who has real horns anymore?  Outstanding
  • Look how the band is an active part of the act.  It is rare for a front-man to be so confident in his own capabilities to allow such a configuration
  • Could these guys be having any more fun?  That joy is exactly what having a good time with music is all about.  It sucks you in, and the next thing you know you're smiling and tapping your foot.  Infectious.  Makes you want to be up on the stage with those guys, hopping around.  
This was an old-school performance that had me immediately downloading the song from iTunes.  Really fun stuff.  

Hat tip to CO

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