Sunday, November 4, 2012

Latest Update on Book

Here's the latest on It's, It's a Dog Named Blitz...

  • Final edit has been completed!  I'm so lucky to have access to some incredible resources
  • All content for the book jacket cover has been developed.  It is now in the hands of an incredible designer, and I hope to see an "in progress" version soon
  • Unfortunately, the formatting functionality of is a nightmare.  After struggling through troubles related to a dated version of Word that I'm using, I decided to punt and leverage their professional services.  While not cheap ($300), it should leave me with a book that looks quite finished and professional.
  • I've determined that I will be donating any profits that the book generates to the following:
    • The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration:
    • The Alzheimer's Association:
While I fully expect this book to do nothing in terms or generating any revenue, in the rare event that it does, some great organizations stand to benefit.  

I'll continue to keep you posted...

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