Thursday, August 30, 2012

Target Field to Host 2014 All Star Game

The Twins are a bad baseball team this year.  One of the worst.  One of their few redeeming qualities is the ballpark in which they play.

Target Field is a gem.  It boast fantastic sight lines, an easy ability to roam, and hangouts like the Budweiser Deck and the exclusive Twins Champion's Club.  It is gorgeous, and offers its visitors a wonderful experience, even when the team on the field plays like dogs.

The beauty and comfort of the field have not been lost on MLB, and yesterday it was announced that the field would host the 2014 All Star Game.  It will be a great economic boon to the city of Minneapolis, to broader Minnesota, and will be a showcase of this great field not only to the rest of the league, but to the nation, and even to the world.

Too bad our field is our source of pride, instead of our team, which is currently the worst team in the American League.

As we say in Twins Territory, maybe next year.

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