Sunday, August 12, 2012

Minneapolis Westin Nightmare

My wife and I are in Minneapolis celebrating our 18th anniversary.  We had a great weekend planned:
  • Arrive early Saturday
  • Time in the afternoon with the girls for her, and the boys with me
  • Coldplay in St. Paul
  • Downtown Minneapolis with a stay at the Westin
  • Breakfast at Ike's
  • Twins game
  • Back home
Pretty much the whole thing hinged around getting and staying downtown. 

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from the Westin while on the way to the concert, informing me that they would not honor my reservation.  All the rooms are gone.  Tough bounce.

But not to worry!  They were going to put me up at "a suite at a Hilton" that was "just outside of Minneapolis."

This is our Hilton

This is our suite

Turns out we are staying well outside of Minneapolis, literally three miles away from my mom's house.  We could have slept there in better comfort.

I get that overbookings occasionally happen.  But I always come away with the feeling that because somebody bitched better than I did, they got my room and I got the shaft.

I don't want a free room at some crappy Hampton Inn.  I want to celebrate my anniversary with my wife downtown.  Like we planned. 

Westin, you blew it.  I don't travel much, but I assure you you'll never get another dime from me, and I'll be making sure that goes ditto for my team on all of their corporate travel.  Simply put, you can't be trusted.  Either in honoring your reservations, or being genuine in your solutions.


  1. They know how to TAKE the reservation, they just don't know how to KEEP the reservation, and that is the most important part. Used this line to great effect.

  2. I travel a lot for my job. Getting walked infrequently happens. How you were treated, though, wasn't pretty. I'd demand compensation


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