Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sammy Hagar Concert Review and Set List Greenville WI

I am a big fan of Sammy Hagar, but have never seen him live.  That was rectified with last night's show in Greenville, WI as Sammy and the Wabos got on stage and cranked it out. 

The set was a bit of a mess and Sammy kind of unorganized.  I guess that was to be expected, as he's just coming off of playing with Chickenfoot and had not played with the Wabos in a while.  Despite the organizational issues, the concert was a blast. 

Here is the set list to the best of my recollection:
I Can't Drive 55
There's Only One Way to Rock
Why Can't This Be Love
Next Time Around
Bad Motor Scooter
Standing On Top of the World I
've Done Everything for You
I'll Fall in Love Again
Your Love
Three Lock Box
Right Now
Finish What You Started
Heavy Metal
Mas Tequila
How Do I Know When It's
Love Summertime Blues/Fight for Your Right

Three things stood out for me from the concert:
  1. Hagar is an awesome showman.  He was getting the crowd way into the show, interactive, energetic, and just a lot of damn fun.  As stated earlier in these pages, Sammy is better than David Lee Roth, but just based on stage presence tonight, Sammy takes back seat to nobody. 
  2. Sammy's guitar playing was excellent.  While I knew he played, I didn't exactly know to what level.  Really impressive playing. 
  3. Sammy's voice is fantastic.  Like Robert Plant or Paul Rodgers, Hagar's voice was made for rock.  Big range, pitched well (even on the screams), and still hitting high notes.  For somebody that was having such a great time on stage, his vocal craft was nothing less than completely professional. 
Some others notes from the evening:  
  • The Wabos were outstanding. Vic Johnson handled some of the Van Halen guitar work like a pro, and Mona Gnader's bass and high harmonies made one nearly forget about the great Michael Anthony. 
  • Highlight song for me was Heavy Metal.  Part sing-along, part cranking rocker, and full on butt kicker.  Great song. 
  • Sammy appeared to forget the words to Fight for Your Right, and instead worked in the first verse of Summertime Blues, which worked incredibly well.  After an extended guitar solo Mona picked up the second verse of the Beastie's song and brought it all to a close.  While it was likely not how the play was drawn up, it ended up going for a touchdown anyway. 
Overall, it was a great concert by a great band and a great front man.  Simply put, Sammy rocks. 

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