Friday, August 31, 2012

Cops in Green Bay - Lambeau Field Edition

We attended the Packers game last night, and given that it was the fourth preseason game, we knew the football would be horrible.  Fortunately for us, the night was gorgeous, we had a parking pass for one of the best tailgate lots in Green Bay, and we had a great spread and lots of beer to enjoy.  It was going to be a nice night to tailgate, talk, and just chill out.  Unfortunately, we happened to park next to pervert central.  
In a gold-painted converted ambulance, with bras flying from a mast, sat two 50 year old dirty old men that encouraged young women to come into the vehicle and take off their tops.  While I'm down with whatever two consenting adults want to do, when that activity takes place in public, the rules change.  And it just so happened that the show was very public, as the perv-mobile was parked in a main artery that was being used by people to enter the stadium. 
Some of those people walking past were little kids. 
Not cool.  At all. 
As our little tailgate group was being disgusted with the activities in the ambulance,  we started interacting with another tailgate  group next to us and they held the same impression.  And it just so happened that one of them was an off-duty cop.  Hence, one thing leads to another, and lo and behold the cop bike posse shows up and breaks up the fun. 
Here's one shot of the action:
Notice the ages of everyone involved.  Creepy. 
The ladies got tickets for indecent exposure as the group next to us was taking pictures for evidence.  OK, I know what you're thinking, and before you even go there let me convey that I did indeed see some of the boobies that were on display, and they weren't exactly attractive.  I'm sure those pictures were erased from the camera post haste.  Nasty. 
As for team pervert, one guy ended up going to jail - you can see him, in true Cops episode fashion, as shirtless and cuffed on the left:
The other two had to take down their display and immediately leave the parking lot.  Since they were legally drunk, they couldn't drive the perv-mobile off the lot, and they had to walk home.  That had to be a fun stroll.
In the meantime our group got the parking pass number off of the perv-mobile and will be sharing it with the Packers organization.  And that, my friends, is going to be the biggest punishment of all.  The lot in which we tailgated is reserved for season ticket holders.  And when season ticket holders misbehave, the Packers organization takes away the tickets, the packing pass, and anything else and provides them to someone at the top of the 30+ year waiting list. 
Those tickets were probably in one of the perverts' family for decades, and were likely passed down from an older relative.  And for the price of exposing some really unattractive breasts to the public, these tickets are gone.  Poof.
The good news for team pervert?  Only one of them went to jail.  They got to see girls' boobies.  It was a nice evening for a walk.  And they can put their name on the bottom of list for season tickets.  They'll likely get to the top of the list around 2042, when they're in their 80's.  Which will be nice.  

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  1. The unique Green Bay experiences never stop - you might have to write a book. B


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