Friday, June 11, 2010

Twins Champions' Club Seats - Rubbing Elbows with the Well-Heeled

Two nights ago. Vera and I were lucky enough to be invited by our friends to join them at the Twins game. Unbeknownst to us, the tickets we had were in the vaunted Champions’ Club area. I didn’t exactly know what that meant precisely, but I would soon find out. It started with us taking a private elevator down to the lowest levels of the stadium – floor minus two. When the doors opened, we were greeted by a gauntlet of ultra-polite but efficient security, got outfitted with a wrist band, and got this photo of our hosts and Jack Morris.  

We were then politely ushered inside to what can only be described as a baseball fan’s heaven. The first stop was a bar area, outfitted with accessories like full leather lounge chairs, multiple flat-screen TVs, and little knick knacks like, oh, just the 1987 and 1991 MLB Championship trophies. Here's Vera with the '87 trophy. 

We ordered up a drink from our bartender and were ushered into the next room. This large area consisted of a massive private bar, huge open fireplace, tables galore, and a buffet spread that would rival Minneapolis’ finest. Our bill of fare this night included a huge baron of beef, Cajun fish, freshly grilled sirloin, salmon and chicken, and braised beef ribs. And that was just the entrees. The sides were incredible, as were the salads (either prepared or made to your order). The entire time the well appointed staff was flittering about making sure you had everything that you needed and that you were happy. Now the best part. The cost for dinner? Nada. Ditto the cost for tap beers and wine.

We loaded up on this incredible meal, entertained by the pre-game festivities that were being broadcast on the dozen or so HD big screen TVs when it came time to head out to the game. Our waiter made sure our next beer order was in stadium-friendly plastic glasses, and we made way to the exit. Along the way were strategically placed “snack stations” for any of the ballgame goodie needs on might have. Peanuts, candy, Cracker Jack, ice cream, nachos, hot dogs were all available for the taking; no charge. We grabbed some goodies and headed out to the stairs to take us to the field.

Our seats are the ones that are immediately behind home plate – they are oversized, padded, and as comfortable as a living room lazy chair. They were exactly 7 rows behind home plate, and the view was absolutely incredible. Here's the view of the plate. 

As you can see, we were way close to the action, and I’d like to think that I was responsible for the lone Carl Pavano strikeout of the night. Jose Guillen of KC was batting, and took an incredibly close curve ball for a ball with two strikes on him. I had enough free beer in me to boom,” Guillen, you better swing at the next one because you’re never getting that call again.” Sure enough, Pavano comes right back with another yacker, but this one in the dirt, and Guillen chases it. Put me down for a K in the book, those of you scoring at home.

During the game, folks in the area are welcome to go back to the man cave and eat more, watch TV, get something from the bar, or hit the private bathroom. Should you not want to leave your seat, ushers work the entire game, bringing you free beer or any other goodies that might strike your fancy. Indeed, this is how the rich live, and folks, it doesn’t suck. 

The Twins played great, the night was beautiful, the beer cold , the company outstanding, and we wanted for nothing. I even met up with an old friend, and was witness to one of Nicky Punto’s patented slides into first base (he was safe!). In fact, this picture was taken immediately after the play.

In my day I’ve been lucky enough to attend games in suites in 6 different stadiums. I’ve done two different rooftop parties at Wrigley. I’ve been wined and dined at the finest that different stadiums had to offer. And in all of those episodes, I’ve never, ever, experienced something as first class as this. Not even close.

I’m not sure we’ll ever get the chance to do this again, but, at least for one day, we peeked behind the curtain that only the upper, upper crust see. As stated before, it didn’t suck.


  1. Chris Murphy-Lord of TallulahJune 11, 2010 at 3:43 PM

    For some reason when I was reading this, I was thinking of the Miller High Life Commercials and hearing the delivery guy say "Welcome to section Lottie Da".

  2. Notice no Wheelchair users in the WC row. It's a shame to see, every game on TV in the 2010 season, no wheelchairs in that section. Whoever owns those seats should be ashamed!

  3. Here is an idea. Let's take out all of the Champions club seats and make it all for wheel chairs. Never fails. There is always one idiot who is not happy no matter what happens.

  4. There is wheelchair access. It is located in front of section 10.

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