Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deadliest Catch - Leech Lake Edition Epilog

During our long weekend at Leech, I brought along my bike for some much needed exercise. Last year, I discovered a terrific little snowmobile trail that runs through the middle of the woods behind Grassy Point and pretty much all the way to the Stoney Point campground. It is a great trail that runs about 10 miles round-trip, with good elevation changes, stumps, bumps, and all those things that make mountain biking worth while. It is a fun little ride.

As I headed out, I wondered if I'd see any remnants of the big wind storm of the week prior. I didn't have to trek very far to have my questions answered. This photo represents one of probably a dozen trees that littered the trail.

I'm not sure if the straight line winds were centered in the area or not, but there is no questioning that they clearly had a impact. The damage this wind wreaked was awesome, and reiterated to me how lucky we were to be on the lake when it hit and to come back unscathed.


  1. Good article. Will be up at Leech in a couple of weeks to fish, relax, gamble and see the sights again. I stay in touch with the lake through your site and a few others. Thanks for posting.

  2. It is a great lake. By all means, come on back and post up on how you did. Tight lines!


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