Monday, June 7, 2010

Leech Lake Fishing Report, Late May 2010

The bite on Leech has been fantastic. All species are hitting, and the action fabulous. Here's my wife with a nice 24" boated on a Rapala at sunset.

Fish are literally everywhere, but if you can find an actively feeding school, things get really fun. Here's my buddy Don with a nice 22" that was among a school in which we landed 10 fish in about 2 hours.

The funny thing was that on this spot we landed a broad spectrum of fish - too small, too large, and in the slot. It has been a fantastic year on Leech Lake thus far, and I can't wait to get up there again.

We close with another shot of my wife.  While some guys are married to a "fashionista," I'm happy to be married to a "fishinista."

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  1. Nice walleye catch! I hope they are still biting off of Bear and Diamond PT when we get there at the end of next week. But even if they don't bite just being at the lake is all that I need for another three years. Keep wrting Yellow Dog Patrol.


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