Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Newt Gingrich is Unelectable

The Republican party is on the verge of blowing it.  The longer it continues its consideration of Newt Gingrich as a legitimate candidate, the more it runs the risk of completely alienating the independent portion of the electorate that it MUST have in order to win the White House. 

As stated here earlier, Gingrich is unelectable.  Thoroughly and completely.  How, exactly?  Let me count the ways: 
  • Newt is a lifelong politician.  While he may be intelligent and "full of ideas," his actual list of accomplishments is quite short given his stature.  And that's because with Newt, it has always been Newt first, country second. 
  • Don't believe the first point?  OK, how about 3 marriages due to Newt's infidelity?  If a guy can't do right by his wife, how in the world would you expect him to do right by his country? 
  • The whole Freddie Mac fiasco stinks to high heaven.  The guy consulted with them for 8 years, to the tune of $1.6MM.  How the hell can he not accept some blame for the economic turmoil that blow-up has wrought? 
  • Right wing social engineering?  Seriously, what the hell?

  • Finally, there's this tete-a-tete with Nancy Pelosi. 

While the uber-right wing of the party longs for someone that will take Obama apart in a debate (which Newt would do quite handily), the risk that gets run is that Newt comes across as an "angry white guy," and the entire message gets lost in his vitriol and the public's concern about electing someone so negative to the highest office in the land.  And at the end of the day Newt can't hide from what he is:  a jowly, angry, self-serving, failed, sanctioned, lifelong politician.  The media and the Obama campaign would take him apart, and it would absolutely assure Obama of his second term. 

Is that really the price we're willing to pay to see Obama squirm in a couple of debates?   

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