Thursday, December 1, 2011

25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert Nearly Unwatchable

Currently on heavy rotation on Palladia is the concert for the 25th anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I've spent multiple half-hour (or better) chunks with this, hoping to see some really good music.  In just about every performance, I've been disappointed.   

Some examples include: 
  • A bloated Steven Stills.  Steve, when you pass up David Crosby as the fat guy in the group, it's time to hit the gym.  
  •  An additionally bloated Stevie Wonder forgetting the words to The Way She Makes Me Feel so badly that it made one cringe.  Now there is a lot of revisionist history that he was just choked up due to the loss of his friend Michael Jackson.  Bull.  Funny how he gains his composure on chorus just fine.
  •  A subdued version of (why? this has got to be a driving rocker!) of Gimme Shelter, with Fergie (the only saving grace, no pun intended) and Mick Jagger struggling on how to end the song.  See below on what I mean.  
  • Sting getting the words wrong to Roxanne.  Excuse me, but he's been singing that song for 30 plus years.  How the hell does he forget the words?   
Now, if you go out to Amazon, you'll see a lot of 5 star ratings for the concert DVD, and those folks are entitled to their opinion.  For me, the performances and performers left a lot to be desired, and just goes to show that the R&RHOF isn't really about the music, and is more about degenerating into a Time/Life oldies compilation.

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