Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Game Farm Recap

I've only been pheasant hunting one weekend this year.  One.  Pathetic.

The yellow dog is now 6 1/2, and past her prime.  That being said, she's still a very good pheasant dog, and unless I find a way to get her out, I'm just wasting precious time.  Therefore, I took her out to a local game farm to get us both some much needed time afield.

Here are a couple of shots from the time out.  The first one is with her working a bird, and acting "birdy."  Check out how that tail is moving:

The next one is of her on point.  Actually, it is at the end of her being on point.  By the time I got my phone out, unlocked, brought the camera up, turned the video on and stated rolling film, she was losing her patience with me.

And, with all of that non-hunting activity, I was hoping I'd just be able to drop my phone, shoulder my gun, and make the shot.  Unfortunately, it was a flat miss.

Despite that bird getting away, we were able to harvest nearly all we had set out, as evidenced by this:
The boudin was just a little appetizer.

Perhaps not hunting in the purest sense, but the dog got darned tired, I was stiff in the morning, and my wife raved about dinner.  I'd say that was a mission accomplished.

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