Monday, December 19, 2011

Delta Mileage Run Pays Instant Dividends

The weekend before last I took a "mileage run" trip back to Minneapolis for the weekend.  These trips are typically booked at the end of the year and are done in order to gain status in a airline's frequent flyer program.  

In October, I knew that I'd be about 250 miles from Silver status with Delta, and I decided at that time to book a trip in December to gain status, and spend the weekend with family and friends.  

The ticket was an expensive one - $450.  However, given my upcoming travel schedule in 2012 as I felt the investment was worth it for the benefits.  For me, they are:
  • Being able to check multiple bags without a fee (VERY handy for my hunting trip to Louisiana in January)
  • Being able to access "preferred" seats without paying a fee.  I've already got myself booked on exit rows for three upcoming trips
  • Being able to board first, and actually get a chance to stow my carry on
  • Getting the rare upgrade to First Class
After spending a great weekend in Minneapolis (lunch with friends, dinner with my mom, drinks with other friends, and then a really nice Sunday doing church, brunch and shopping with mom), I was ready to head on back home.  That's when I got the fateful email:

I'd been Silver for just over 24 hours, and already I'd be sitting up front, putting a massive dent into their liquor cart.  

A flight or two more like that and I'll be able to get my $450 back out of those guys, no problem. 


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