Monday, February 3, 2020

Shoptalk 100% Women

Shoptalk is a conference in support of retail and retailers.  It's also woke.  I mean really, freaking woke.

How woke?  This year, all of their 257 speakers will be women.  Not. One. Man.

They justify this by claiming that currently there are only 5% female heads at S&P 500 companies.  Forget the myriad logical and reasonable reasons for this.  Forget the fact that retail, among all other business sectors, has been historically the most gender-diverse in terms of leadership, and has been for decades.

Nope, Shoptalk has a point to make, and men can just shut the hell up.

Personally, I know where I'm not welcome, and I'm certainly not welcome at Shoptalk.  Hence, I won't be attending this year.

In fact, I won't be attending any year.

Here's a hint - discrimination, even if it's to prove how woke you are, is still discrimination.  And that, Shoptalk, makes you scumbags.

Enjoy your conference.

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