Monday, February 17, 2020

16 Curling Rocks in Play

Two weekends ago I spent the entire time at the Curling Club, trying to come back via the losers' bracket after dropping our first match.  A good effort was made, and we actually took second, but it was a long slog - both mentally and physically.  It was a lot of damned curling over three days!

Note to self - don't lose the first game next time...

On Saturday, in the lane next to ours, a group pulled together an incredibly rare feat - all 16 curling stones were in play.  We have a number of old-timers at the club that have been playing for decades, and nobody had ever seen anything like it.

I wouldn't have believed it myself, but we actually stopped our game when they had 13 in play to watch the end.  They didn't disappoint:

It ended up scoring two red, but nobody will ever remember that.  What will be remembered is the time when all the rocks in the end had the potential to score.  

Good curling, indeed.

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