Thursday, February 20, 2020

Running with AirPods Pro

My bluetooth earphones finally gave up the ghost (at least one side did), so I needed a new option for something to provide music while working out.  Working out and running is incredibly boring, and if I don't have something to listen to, I can barely do it.  That being said, a good mix or the right song played at the right time can take my workout to a whole other level.  Hence, if I was going to keep working out, I needed a replacement.

I opted to go with AirPods Pro, as I'm developing into an Apple fanboy.  I've got the HomePod, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, and about 4 iPods.  I think the only thing I have missing is the Mac (and I used to have one of those, back in the late 80's).

I love the sound quality of the AirPods, but struggled mightily in keeping them in my ears when I run.  I have a terrible heel strike which is quite jarring to everything - especially the earphones in my ears.

I tried the regular size tip covers - no go.  Went larger, and the situation got worse.  I found hints online that suggested turning them in your ears - better but still not a solution.  I tried foam covers - nada.

I was about to the point of returning them when I replaced the tips with the smallest size they sent.  Perfect!  They were small enough to fit deep into my ear canal and stayed in as snug as a bug.  Counter intuitive, but effective.

Having trouble with your AirPods fit?  Try going small.  It just might work.

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