Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Wild Are Done

Up here in "The State of Hockey," we're on the cusp of missing out on the NHL playoffs.  For a league that invites nearly everyone to the post-season dance party, to miss out completely belies a truly special level of lousy hockey playing.

Oh, sure, they lost Dumba for the season.  However, even with him, I doubt the playoffs would be in reach.

This is a gutless team that is content to be just OK.  Parise and Suter are the poster children of "Just OK" despite having contracts that are among the league's richest.  They have become financial albatrosses that doom this team to mediocrity for years to come.  It's like having Joe Mauer and his contract with the Twins, but having two of him.  Terrible.

Thankfully, the Twins look like they'll be entertaining, and we're mere months away from Vikings training camp.

Still, a sad state of affairs for "The State of Hockey."

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