Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Vergas 5k Recap

Last Saturday, I completed a 5k in Vergas.

That's Vergas.  In Minnesota.  Not Vegas.

Wanna know another way not to confuse the two?  Because in the Vergas 5k, they have guys running with goats.  I kid you not:

Some general thoughts on the event:

  • Thank God I did beat the goat.  It likely helped that his handler was running in Muck Boots
  • The lady in the coat and purse above didn't run, which is a good thing, because she looked in pretty good shape and likely would have kicked my ass
  • Turns out goats poop while running, which explains why this guy ran with a goat and not a dog
  • Speaking of goat poop, since the course was "out and back" I got the pleasure of dodging goat poop for most of the last mile.  Turns out goats poop a lot at the start of a run.  
  • Although I didn't ask, I wondered if people called the goat "Tom Brady"...
  • While I didn't medal in my age group, I would have if I would have with my time had I been in my 30s.  I need to start to formally identify as a millennial...
Just another average Saturday in northern Minnesota.  It has been a very, very long winter.

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