Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Rapid Passing of Age

A buddy at work whom I deem a peer just had a milestone birthday this past weekend.  He turned 40.

I'm nearly 15 years his senior.

I don't know how time started moving so quickly, but it has.  When I think about the chronology from a career perspective - the jobs I've held and the moves I've made - it all makes sense and it doesn't feel like much time has passed at all.  When I think about it from a pure age standpoint, I feel like I'm missing 10 years.

I don't feel as old as the reflection in the mirror belies.  Indeed, from a physical standpoint, I could effectively argue that I'm in much better shape than the version of me from a decade ago.  Hence, what I feel I am is a lot more aligned to my buddy at work than it is to what I truly am.  

The years have gone way too fast.  I'll be 55 in half a year.  Fifty-damn-five.

Where did it all go?

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