Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Bowl Ad Recap

A pretty good crop of ads this year.  We didn't get too preachy, things were pretty entertaining, and a number of brands did very well for themselves.  

Tide won the night, and by a wide margin.  At first, I was put off as they're involved in some controversy related to kids eating their Tide pods, but they went right past that and put out a massive advertising blitz that had them owning the night.  It was not even close.

Here are others of note:

The Good

Another mash-up of brands worked just awesome together.  Big names, big production, big entertainment value:

Avocados from Mexico

Conveys a strong expansion of use in an extremely funny manner.  Really effective advertising:


The "bleep" don't stink was hilarious.  Admit it - it's tough as hell to sell poop spray.  They approached the subject in impressive fashion:

Special props to the NFL for the Dirty Dancing TD celebration.  Great stuff!

The Bad

M&M Danny DeVito 

The punch line of DeVito playing an M&M has been public for weeks now, so it was no surprise when he showed up.  Since the big surprise was out, you'd think their content would be out of the park.  Not so much.  Huge miss by M&Ms:

Kia Steven Tyler

I do marketing for a living, and I honestly don't understand the point of this ad.  


When did Coke fire their ad agency and go with Pepsi's?  The most preachy ad of the night.  We got all of the lefty bases covered, including the obligatory hajib shot, because Islam!  I believe this campaign will actually hurt their brand.  They must be privy to some incredibly damaging research to have moved so far away from their traditional brand.  Really disturbing:

The Ugly

I'm running out of time to embed them, but they are:

Diet Coke Girl Dancing (Coke, how bad can you suck?)
Squarespace with Kenau Reeves

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