Monday, February 26, 2018

Jake Trapper Asks Hard Questions of Sheriff Scott Isreal

Just last week Broward (rhymes with coward) County Sheriff Scott Isreal was a darling of he left as he lectured the NRA at the "town hall" and blamed them for the massacre at his local school.  Unfortunately, CNN found out too late that Isreal's deputies were at the scene of the shooting, guns drawn and cowering, while kids were getting slaughtered and were bleeding out in the school.

We don't know all the details yet, but one thing the Blue Wall can't tolerate is cowardace, and in between on-the-record accounts which should come and video which is everywhere, the whole truth will come forth.  In the meantime, Trapper takes apart Isreal.

Isreal's reaction is quite telling.  His lip licking and eye movements are classic behavior for one that is deceiving.  As a cop, that's exactly what he's looking for when grilling a suspect.

Isreal needs to resign.  The failure of his office - from following up on calls about the killer up to and including failure to literally save lives - should have him leaving in disgrace.

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