Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kill the NRA Billboard - Anti-Gun's Next Step

Surely emboldened by the 24/7 anti-gun coverage on CNN, someone in Kentucky scaled a billboard and crafted this message of unity.  Immediately the NRA picked up on it and communicated out to its members that "they're coming for us."

The winds of hatred have whipped up to hurricane force.  People are likely going to be attacked and killed.  If some congressmen can shot up merely because of the (R) after their name, how could one doubt that some unhinged lefty will fell compelled to take it upon himself to act on this?

In the meantime, the rhetoric of appeal of the 2nd Amendment, "blood on their hands," "if you're not for us you're against us," is having the opposite effect, per usual.

Are gun sales up or down the past couple of days?
How about ammunition sales?
NRA memberships?


We're now at the point where one side believes that the right to protect our selves and our families is a core of our existence, and that right is close to being taken away.  The other side believes people that own guns are as guilty of murder as the evil individuals the pulled the trigger.  

There is no middle ground.  There certainly could be, but emotions and rhetoric have caused that ship to sail.  All that is left is hate and mistrust.

And, in all likelihood, a whole lot of violence.

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