Friday, November 10, 2017

Where's Woody Allen?

Hollywood is going through its purge of sexual deviants, attempting to clean itself of its longest and deepest rooted sins.  The witch hunt is in full swing, and the witches are burning, baby.

Except one.

Woody Allen continues to skate.  HE MARRIED HIS DAUGHTER.  But he continues to skate.

Sorry, but whatever the torrid story du jour hits, it won't stack up to Allen and what he's done.  Yet Hollywood still hails him a genius.

These are the EXACT same people that demanded that we "move on" from what Bill Clinton did multiple times to an intern.  

Until things get serious there, and guys like Allen (and Roman Polanski, for Pete's sake) are made to pay for their crimes - and I most certainly mean crimes - I view what's happening in Hollywood to be nothing but pandering for the politically correct crowd.

What a cesspool.  

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