Monday, November 20, 2017

Al Franken is a Pig

I know this picture has been shown a thousand times.  I don't care. Look at it.  Look good and hard at it.  That woman could have been your wife, mother, sister, niece, etc.  

This is the champion of women's rights?  This is a leader?  This is even a man?

Hell no.  This is a pig.

Al Franken not only needs to lose his job, he also needs to get his ass kicked by this poor woman's husband.

And don't think I'm playing partisan games, either.  Judge Roy Moore has some amazingly credible accusations against him regarding his seeking to date underage girls, and actually getting physical with at least one.  That sick pig needs to go away as well.

How come so many of those that have won life's lottery seem so consistent in behaving this way?  

The media, politics, and Hollywood have long been accused of being aligned.  I guess they truly are.

Pigs.  All of them.  Yet nobody will lose their job, the millions will continue to flow to them, and we'll continue to circle the toilet as a society.  

God help us all...  

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