Monday, November 27, 2017

Rape Advocate Moves Bill from Franken, Is Threatened with Rape

Abby Henold had been working with Al Franken's office to push forward legislation to aid victims of sexual assault.  Henold, a victim herself, had a change of heart for her champion after all the news broke on Franken, and she vocally called for a new sponsor.  

Seems smart.  If you want to make a difference via a piece of legislation on sexual assault, you'd like to not have any baggage associated with it.  Like, oh, I don't know, like the sponsor being photographed sexually assaulting someone.

When Abby sought new sponsorship, she did so publically via an editorial in the Washington Post.  Unfortunately, a lot of folks on the left felt like she was abandoning Franken.  And that's where the knives came out.  

In the comments section and via her social media accounts, here are some things that were said to her:

"You disgust me,” Honold read on Twitter. “How dare you make it seem like Al Franken is a sexual predator?”

“You want to be a true champion, stand by that man and fight for all that he has fought for,” wrote another.

A few questioned whether Honold was raped. One person sent her a direct message saying: “Maybe one of these days someone will SHOW YOU what it feels like to REALLY BE RAPED.”

This is the state of the democrat party.  These are the people that stand up for women.  This is the party that cares.

Sick, sick, sick.

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