Monday, October 3, 2016

Tax Situation to Doom Trump

Yesterday, the New York Times broke a story that Trump declared nearly $1B in losses on his 1995 tax return, enabling him to carry the losses over and avoid paying taxes for 18 years.  Progressives are howling, and this ultimately will doom Trump.  And shame on Trump.  He had to know this would come to light and it would disqualify his candidacy.  Hence, he's just handed the election to Hillary.


In the meantime, sanctimonious liberals are absolutely beside themselves with glee.  Rightfully so - they basically just won the election.  Interesting, though, that one person's legal activity can render him unfit for the presidency, whereas another's completely criminal activity are summarily ignored and considered irrelevant.  

A note to you liberals - your candidate is dirty as hell, and you'll need to own that and all that it means now, and in the future. 

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