Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Racist Cop in Edina?

The internet's latest moment of mass outrage occurred recently when a police officer in Edina, Minnesota arrested a man "for walking in the street."

 Here is the video.  Trigger warning for those that feel that listening to a cop doesn't need to apply to them:

So what did the video show?  A couple of things:

  • An incredibly unruly suspect that came mere inches from striking an officer
  • A flaming liberal videographer that was stoking the fire
  • A remarkably professional police officer maintaining his cool when the suspect was pushing him to escalate
Turns out, I personally know the cop.  I went to high school with him.  Through a mutual friend, I shot him a text, and said the following:

"Just watched the video and wanted to compliment you on a job well done.  Maintaining your professionalism and cool in those circumstances is amazing.  Hell of a job.  You made us proud.  Hope you're well.  Stay safe out there, and thank you."

If I were in that circumstance, there is no way I wouldn't have gone upside the suspect's head.  That has nothing to do with race, folks, and has everything to do with the suspect being a total idiot.

Cops have a tough enough job.  It is made worse by those that see every interaction with the police as being overt racist incidents.

Racist cop in Edina?  Like hell.

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  1. Unruly suspect? Fuck Edina that racist place and it's all white majority kkk citizens will back EDPD no matter what.


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