Thursday, April 7, 2016

Idiots with Tannerite

Loyal readers of this blog are well aware of where we stand when it comes to the Second Amendment and our constitutionally granted right to keep and bear arms.

However, just because we have that right, doesn't mean stupidity can't reign - as it does with those that take our other rights too far.

The latest is abuse of Tannerite.  What is Tannerite?  Wikipedia explains it very well: Tannerite is the brand name of a binary explosive marketed primarily for making exploding targets for firearms practice. It is a patented combination of ammonium nitrate (an oxidizer) and aluminum powder (a fuel) that is supplied as two separate powders that are mixed and shaken to produce an explosive. The combination is relatively stable when subjected to forces less severe than a high-velocity bullet impact, such as a hammer blow, being dropped, or impact from a low-velocity bullet or shotgun blast. It is also not flammable – an explosion cannot be created by a burning fuse or electricity. Because it is sold as two separate powders, it can be transported and sold in many places without the legal restrictions that would otherwise apply to explosives. 

Tannerite explosions are serious business.  Unfortunately, some shooters choose not to take them seriously, like this guy:

There is nothing more serious than owning and using a gun.  Those that don't take those responsibilities seriously often lead to suffering - to others, or in the case of our friend in the video, to themselves.

Closing question: Tannerite is legal.  How come we have yet to see it employed by terrorists?

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