Sunday, April 17, 2016

Already Missing Germany

We traveled for most of the day yesterday, departing our hotel at 7:00AM Heidelberg time, and arrived home about 9:00PM CDT, technically on the same day.  In total, we were up almost 24 hours.  While it was a long day, it was uneventful, and when one travels, that's all one can ask to receive.

As we wake up and resume our usual lives, it is clear there are a couple of things we already miss or know we're going to miss from our trip. In no particular order, here they are:

  • A True Continental Breakfast - A simple breakfast of some of the best bread you've ever eaten, with some incredible cheese, butter, or sausage on the side was a fantastic way to start the day.  American breakfasts really are crap, especially in hotels.  
  • Stellar Coffee - There is nothing better to wash that great breakfast down with than some really strong, tasty coffee.  While we've come a long way in our coffee selection here in the States, any random cup of joe over there rivals the best that Carbou can put up.
  • Sleep - A ton of walking, fresh air, good food, and time away from work conspired to provide a couple of days with over ten hours of sleep.  It was simply awesome.  On those rare days where I woke up at some Godless hour, I found nobody else was awake.  Unlike in the US where it seems we're rapidly moving to a 24 hour society, that's not the case over there.  I was walking around Munich one morning at just before 7:00 AM and damn near had the entire city to myself.
  • Waking Everywhere - Want to max out your Fitbit?  Go to Europe and just walk around.  It's pedestrian-friendly, and hidden treasures are consistently just around the corner.  My biggest day was in Munich, where I logged 25,000 steps, which equated to just over 12 miles, and 5,000 calories.  That's a lot of earned beer.  Speaking of which:
  • Really Tasty Beer - Regardless of where one goes, a simple order of "ein bier, bitte," will get you the best-tasting brew you've had since the last German beer you ordered.  No need to find something funky on the beer menu - just order "beer," stand back, and prepare to be amazed.  Incredible. 
While it is always good to be back home, there is a lot we'll miss.  I just didn't think it'd hit so hard on the first morning.

To better times:

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