Thursday, March 3, 2016

Women in the Back

A recent article in the StarTribune covered college's expanding need to broaden services for an exploding growth in Muslim students.  The article was accompanied by the following:

Notice any differences between the front and back rows?  The StarTribune certainly doesn't.

What if the picture depicted heterosexuals in the front and homosexuals covered up and in the back?  What if it depicted white people in the front and blacks in the back (like in a bus?) and needing to be covered up?

I'll answer that for you: People would be outraged.  At a minimum, there'd be media coverage galore, calls for boycotting, and it'd be an ingrained subject of every campaign speech.  At the most, there'd be riots and bloodshed.

However, because it's Islam, and because it's women being subjugated, we get crickets.


We're all about women's rights here in the US.  That is, unless you're a Muslim woman.  Then it's screw you, get in the back and cover yourself up.  

Or else.

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