Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Isn't Pakistan Murder of Christians Bigger News?

On Easter Sunday, Islamist militants went to a park in Pakistan where some Christian people had gathered in celebration of Easter.  The militants set off a bomb, and some 65 were killed instantly, and another 300 injured.

What's notable about this story is how little of a story it is.  In most national news feeds, it's buried.

Why is that?

Consider the Brussels attack.  There some 28 souls were killed, with 340 injured.  That has been a raging story for most of last week, and justifiably so.  But the Pakistan attack should at least garner the same amount of coverage, should it not?

Some theories as to why it did not:

  • It was Easter and there were limited news gathering sources
  • The murder didn't occur on Western soil
  • The murder of Christians in a Muslim country really isn't news, is it?
If I'm a betting man, I'm betting the latter. 

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