Thursday, March 10, 2016

Obama Begat Trump

There is no denying anymore the phenomenon that is the Trump campaign.  Despite a multitude of predictions of its eventual implosion, The Donald continues to roll on a steady march to the White House.  His many transgressions and foibles are routinely ignored by the electorate, and his wins continue to pile up.

He's not going away.

A lot has been put into his rise.  How could it have happened?  Why are voters rejecting traditional candidates?  Is the state of the Republican party in that much disarray?

Personally, I think it is Obama.  Obama created Trump, and did so by the following:

  • Obama was sold with the promise that things were going to get better.  The economy, our world standing, the environment, race relations - you name it, Obama was going to fix it.  In actuality, he fixed nothing.  In fact, he made it worse.  And despite this terrible performance, a sycophantic media continued to prop him on a pedestal, and continued to tell our citizens how great he was.  People knew differently, and they're desperate for someone that has some semblance of doing what he says he's going to do.
  • Political correctness under Obama has run amok.  Under any measure, how we've changed as a county in the past eight years is remarkable.  For some, it is too much, too fast.
  • Obama cheapened the presidency.  From injecting himself into small issues (which ultimately required things like "beer summits"), to constantly appearing on TV shows, and even to failing to dress the part, Obama is more TV celebrity and less president.  He's a clown, for our entertainment.  And Trump is just a continuation of that model.
  • Obama has run roughshod administratively.  Executive orders, trading hardened terrorists for a deserter, "pen and a phone," immigration, a punitive IRS, and "I won," are just a few examples which reflect someone that doesn't respect the order of government provided under the Constitution.  If the president is now someone that bullies his way to deliver what he wants, Constitution be damned, then getting your own bully seems the prudent thing to do.  Nobody would be a better bully that Donald Trump
Democrats can continue to scoff and laugh at the rise of Donald Trump, but they better understand that the reason his is so popular has everything to do with the man they've been propping up in the White House these past seven years.

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