Monday, November 16, 2015


It has been an interesting couple of weeks living here in Green Bay, aka The Belly of the Beast.  The Packers were sputtering after losing two in a row.  But confidence reigned here in the land of beer and big BMIs as the lowly Lions were coming to town, and the Lions had never won at Lambeau since 1991.

1991.  I still had hair then.

Ah, but things didn't start too well.  Before the game, Aaron Rodgers got all upset at a fan's "prejudicial ideology" after the fan yelled something anti-Muslim during a moment of silence.  He they parlayed that into a stinker of a game, and despite trying multiple times to give it away, the putrid Lions ultimately came away with the victory.

As for the Vikings?  They were facing up-and-coming Oakland, in the Black Hole, and were four point underdogs.  

What happened?  Adrian Peterson got loose:


The Vikings now stand alone atop the NFC North, with a game in hand.  This week, they'll host the Packers at the Bank, and their timing could not be more perfect.  The Vikings are ascending, and the Packers are self-destructing.

But, hey, It's hard to play football when someone insults Muslims right before kick off...


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