Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Millennials Want to Ban Your Free Speech

What we're seeing on college campuses these days borders on the shocking.  Bully tactics, disguised under the protective umbrella of "political correctness" are being used to stifle all discussion that doesn't jive with the liberal meme of the day.  Instead of being places of higher learning, colleges are quickly devolving into concentration camps that demand a hive mind mentality.

From where did all of this come?  It surely appears that this is the offshoot of a dedicated and purposeful effort to liberalize education.  For decades now, we've seen a move by liberals to co-opt the educational systems and push their brand of politics into the young skulls of mush.  

The result is a Frankenstein's monster that now feels quite comfortable ignoring one of the primary foundations of our Constitution: the practice of free speech.  Oh, you can talk alright.  You just better not say anything that they consider offensive:

40% of Millennials think it is OK for the "government" to block offensive comments.  This is our future, folks.  It's bad now, and only going to get worse.

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