Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mass Shootings - What's Different?

Every time there is a mass shooting, an army of pundits and talking heads takes to the air to apply their spin as to what happened and what can be done about it.  All of the usual suspects show up - those demanding outright gun banning to those that recommend that all are armed always - and everything in between.

Very little time is spent on the "why" of the situation.  These killers aren't killing because guns are easy to acquire.  Throughout American history, guns have been far easier to obtain, and much more prevalent.  And it is not even close.  Hell, kids used to take guns to school back in our history as they hunted to and from school.  And yet, during our history, we never suffered these mass shootings.


What changed?  There are a lot of things.  The breakdown of the nuclear family, the ego-centric psychosis wrought by lack of human connection and too much social media, the glorification of violence - all of these are significant contributors.  

However, for me the answer is obvious - we've become a society that has banished God and the concept of Christian life.  In fact, being religious now is seen in many circles as being ignorant, and is something to be viewed upon as weakness.

What have we lost because of that?  We've certainly blurred the lines of "right" and "wrong."  We've also lost the perspective of where individuals stand within God's plan.  We've lost the concept of love, and for being Christ to others here on Earth.  We've flat out lost something, that at least for some, kept morality in check.

Godlessness per se does not cause violence.  Certainly, there are lots of atheists that behave morally.  I get that.  But for those on the fringe; those that just need a little shove to tilt, we've lost something.

Godlessness ultimately creates a vacuum for godless ways.  There is nothing more godless than what our society has become, and given our trajectory, we've got a long way to go.  Hence, get ready for more death and destruction by those that fail to respect life, love, and all that comes with a religious perspective.  

Evil exists, people.  It is not some nebulous concept.  It is here, and when unchecked, wreaks death and destruction.  Always.

That's what's different.  Evil is winning.

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