Thursday, October 10, 2013

Minnesota Misery

I can't remember a worse time for Minnesota sports.  Consider:

  • The Twins are in free-fall, having traded Morneau for a bag of batting practice balls, and having zero prospects in the minors to point to a bright future.  They appear to be able to flirt with 100 loss seasons for years to come
  • The Vikings quarterback woes are well documented, and have led to their current losing record.  Being able to pull out of the nose dive with enough time to make the playoffs appears to be a pipe dream
  • The Wild did nothing in the off season to improve their talent, and are off to a very weak start and with scant prospects for betterment
  • The Gopher football program can't compete with ranked talent, and will at best be middle of the pack in Big Ten play
  • Gopher basketball, rebuilding under new coach Pitino (no, not that one, it's his son), look to be in for a tough season
  • We won't review the Wolves' prospects, as the NBA isn't really a sport
There is not a lot of which we can be optimistic.  It is damn tough to be a Minnesota sports fan...


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  1. You're not quite right about the Twins -- while they stink on ice and have more holes in their lineup than a putt-putt course, they were generally regarded as having some of the top talent in the minors this year, including two of the top three prospects in all of baseball (Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano) which is almost unprecedented. But those two are still a ways from the majors (late 2014 at best) and we all know what can happen with prospects...


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