Friday, October 18, 2013

Minnesota Duck Hunting Update

Duck hunting is flat out fabulous in Minnesota right now.  While we've lost many of our teal and wood ducks, many northern birds have entered the state.  In spades.

By my own accounting, we're on a pace for our best season ever, and we've not yet got to November.

The birds are here.  The hatch was good and the numbers are strong.  But the habitat continues shrink by a shocking amount, and a dry winter/spring across Canada could end it all in a season.

Seriously.  One season.  Poof.

A buddy of mine who is an executive at Delta Waterfowl, gave me this advice before the season, "YDP, conditions could not be any better.  With the loss of the habitat going on unabated, we'll likely never see a duck season like this again   Use your vacation, get out there, and get after them.  This is one for the memory banks."

Next week the Southern contingent of the Yellow Dog Patrol arrives for the northern leg of our annual duck hunts.  I'll keep you posted on how we do.

Here's looking forward to filling the memory banks.

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  1. Good luck YDP. Get one for the gipper. Seriously I miss Reagan right now. In any case, have a great season. I work for the great state of New Jersey, ugh. But we get to hunt on all the state property which is overrun by white tails. Cannot wait til bow season. Hell yeah!


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