Thursday, October 17, 2013

Debt "Crisis" Ended, Debt Crisis Continues

The grandstanding that was the most recent debt crisis has ended.  After all the breathless news reports, hand wringing, and a nearly endless cycle of demagoguery, it is finally over.

And what happened?  What changed?  

Nothing.  Not one damn thing.

Oh, we can quibble about nits, and about who "won" or who "lost," but of things of substance, nothing changed. Zip.

And the Ponzi scheme that is American economics careens further down the road, full steam ahead for the cliff.  To the tune of this:

national debt

Never slowing, never ceasing, rarely considered, and never, ever dealt with.   Republicans, Democrats, conservative, liberal - it doesn't matter.  Once they arrive in Washington, their soul is sold, their stance is altered, as is their ability to do math.

Simple bleeping math.

And what we're left with is not a bunch of folks looking to stem the economic storm that will one day bury us.  No.  All we get is arguments about how fast we're going to get there. 

Idiots and cowards.  The whole lot of them.


  1. I feel the need to say that although this would never happen, we need to completely clean house and get some fresh blood in there. Both sides. These stagnant old farts with their principles and political nonsense need to take a hike. If you watch some of the polls right now, a good chunk of our nation feels exactly the same way. And as usual they ignore us. Granted, the Republicans have heard us and tried to limit the damage, but of course this socialist administration gets their way. Oh America, where have you gone?

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