Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Death of Shame

The Anthony Weiner campaign underscores a current in American society - where has shame gone?

The guy resigned once already for tweeting his junk to a woman that was not his wife.  Then, in the middle of rehabbing his "brand," he's caught sexting filth to a number of women; some young enough to be daughters.

But this time he's not going away, and there remains a small but staunch group that still support him.

At what point do your actions cause shame anymore?  And at what point will society - as a whole - condemn you for your actions?  

Maybe it is the Catholic in me, I don't know, but I still see the world in right and wrong.  And every day it appears that such a worldview is becoming smaller.  

In the meantime, I find it interesting that the GOP is still considered to be anti-woman when this pig can operate the way he does and still be supported and adored.  


  1. In Democratic circles you buy your candidate. It is as simple as that. So, if Anthony Weiner is the candidate you paid for, you want him to get into office and give you favors. His ethics and behavior simply do not matter because the name of the game for them is ACCESS. The entire Weiner "relationship" is built on that access, i.e. if you want access to Hillary Clinton you better pay off Huma and Weiner..................

  2. Agreed. And remember, this is New York City we are talking about. Las Vegas as a whole holds more values than the political circles in New York. The fact that this vile man and his partner in slime, Mr. Spitzer have actually managed to make a race out of their respected "joke" positions in The City is alarming. However, growing up and living 25 minutes from NYC, reading the local news rags, and suffering through the daily television news feeds, there are very few things that surprise me any longer. If you look at the current political races for mayor and comptroller, the core values of dignity, respect and best interests that should be foremost in the voter's minds are absent from the field. The figures that next fill these positions will inevitably continue to unravel the work of their predecessors. The last great leader that NYC had was Mr. Giuliani. And unfortunately for the City That Never Sleeps, "them days be long gone". Good luck New York. Man are you gonna need it.


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