Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Wedding and the Five Card Studs

Mrs. YDP and I attended the wedding of a good friend this past weekend in Sheboygan.  It was a fantastic affair.  The reception was held at the John Michael Kohler Art Center, which was a gorgeous facility.  There are many successful businesses in the area, and they definitely believe in giving back to the community.  It was obvious in this building.

How nice was it?  Well, for the most obvious example, here's the men's bathroom:

It wasn't just me considering it nice, either.  This thing was written up as the best bathroom in America:

I kind of hated using it.  But use it I did, as the wine flowed easy in celebration of the happy couple's nuptials.  The food was also outstanding, as was the dinner conversation among the guests.  I'm not one to use the word often, but I can only describe it in one word: lovely.  From start to end.

But the end - ah, that's where things got good.  Entertainment was provided by the Five Card Studs, and it could not have been any better.  Playing a really funky mix of soul, pop, and disco - mostly from the 70's, and mostly more obscure songs - the band had the crowd eating out of their hands.

The band has a unique style and look - part Vegas lounge act, part old-school wedding band, part disco throwback band - but don't let the act fool you.  These are very good musicians and vocalists.  Just note the harmonies they hit on this brief video I snapped last night:

For a better, and longer representation of the band, check out the following:

I can't imagine a better wedding band.  Hell, I can't imagine a better party band, period.  Reminded me a lot of the Twin Cities Johnny Holm.

What a great wedding!  And what a great lead on a party band.  Consider me officially on the lookout for the next Studs' show near us.

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