Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cabela's Grand Opening Sneak Peek in Green Bay

I use only one credit card to consolidate my "rewards" as much as possible, and that's my Cabela's card.  As such, everything goes on that card, and I do mean everything.  Given the amount of transactions I make in a year, I've earned the most elite status a Cabela's cardholder can have - a black card.

Thus, imagine my thrill, after driving past the under-construction Cabela's store twice a day for about the past year, to receive this in the mail:

I felt like Charlie Bucket and I finally had a Golden Ticket to get me into Mr. Wonka's wonderland.

And a wonderland it was.  Here are some photos:

While smaller in square footage than the stores that I'm used to in Rogers and Owatonna, the layout, mounts, and decor are much nicer.  This is a beautiful, beautiful store.

Wisconsin's record whitetails

One of two displays for Wisconsin decoy manufacturers.  Neither of which were George Herter.  This was a massive miss by Cabela's - if there was no Herter's, it would be doubtful there would have been a Cabela's.  They bought what was left of the company and had tons of opportunity to tell the Herter's story.  Huge miss, and the one big thing they did wrong.

The gun library.  Not much there that impressed me.  Was surprised they'd open with a weaker selection.  Compared to other stores (I've visited six different Cabela's stores in my life), this assortment was the worst, and by a large amount.

The requisite taxidermy mountain.  The mounts were scattered all over the store, and they all were incredible.  Very well done.

This picture does not do this mount justice, so click on the photo to see a larger image.  In it, you'll note that the mountain lion is not connected to anything - it is not touching the mountain, nor is it suspending by wires.  The lion just has its left paw on the back of the sheep.  Look even closer and you'll note that the sheep has only one leg - it's rear right leg - that is touching the ground.  Two full animals, one of them suspended in the air, are balancing on one leg of the mount!  I've never seen anything like it, and as such, this is the most impressive mount I've ever seen in my life.  A trip to this store is worth it just to see this mount.  Seriously.

Overall, the store is beautiful.  It is well stocked, the employees were fairly knowledgeable (and will only get better with experience), and the decor gorgeous.  This is easily the nicest outdoors store within a two hour drive (Bass Pro in Gurnee Mills).  Given how nice it is, its proximity to Lambeau Field (about four blocks away) and Lambeau's ability to bring folks into town for a pilgrimage regardless of the season, this store will be a license to print money.

It is a huge addition to the community of Green Bay.  Hats off, Cabela's team.  You guys hit a retail home run.

See you soon. 

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