Friday, February 1, 2013

Volkswagen's Racist Super Bowl Ad

The hottest thing on the web right now is a small but vocal minority of people that are claiming that the following ad from Volkswagen, slated for a Super Bowl appearance, is racist:

A couple of thoughts:

  • Racist?  Ummm.  White people are shown as unhappy and a guy that talks with a Jamaican accent is happy.  It might be racist after all.  Against white people.
  • I LOVE the Minnesota part!  "Da Gopha state!"
  • If one takes a look at the comments on YouTube, you'd find that not only do Jamaicans not object to the ad, that they actually enjoy and are proud of it.    
The bottom line is that every legitimate "racist" claim gets done a disservice with over-sensitive claims like this.  Are we really that uptight that we can't enjoy our differences?  I thought we were supposed to celebrate diversity.  Maybe that only applies to non-white people.

I think the uproar proves that Volkswagen was right all along: maybe we should all take our overly uptight butts out for a ride in a fine German engineered vehicle and "turn da frown de utha way aroun."

Ya mon.

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