Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is Vacation Worth It?

Mrs. YDP and I are now in the Bahamas for a week-long vacation.  It is a beautiful spot, and I hope it rejuvenates and restores me, as getting to the point where I could be out of the office for a full week damn near killed me.

At work, we're in the middle of our biggest project since I joined the company.  And it's an incremental project, which means that no only do to the team and I need to get this massive project complete over the next six months, but we need to do so while doing our full jobs that we were doing previously.  Ten pounds of meat, meet a five pound bag.

Thus, for the last three weeks I've been moving at a dead sprint to try to get to a point where I could leave for a week in good conscience.  I haven't had a day off in that period, and have racked up 70 and 80 hour work weeks.  I've been a lousy husband and friend.  But I got a lot of work done, and I feel I can go on vacation.

Oh, I'll still need to work while I'm there, which will be made more difficult by the juggle of international communications.  But I shouldn't need to work the entire time.  

I want to go on vacation.  I want to spend time with my wife and my friends.  Frankly, I deserve it.  My wife certainly deserves to have her husband back.  So to the islands we go.

But I can't help but think at what cost all of this came.  Was it worth it?  

And the fact that I just typed that last question is very concerning to me.

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