Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Day Blues

Today marks our last full day of vacation here in the Bahamas.  The weather was not perfect, but given the snowstorms that have plagued back home this past week, they were a hell of a lot better than anything north of the 40th parallel.

Yesterday was downright spectacular.  We spent the day at our favorite island where we hung out, read books, and drank Kalik.  We were also near a wonderful coral reef where we spent a nice time snorkeling and viewing the wildlife.  We got up close to some huge spotted eagle rays and I ran into a nice school of yellowfin tuna.

As for our island, here's of shot of it as we were leaving:

We awoke this morning to a lot of clouds, but things are slowly getting better.  Regardless, it is our last day here, and we'll be sad to leave.  It has been a great trip, and was just what I needed.

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